Q The product does not work.
  • 1. The product may not function if batteries are dead so please try again after checking your battery status.
  • 2. This product has safety lock device so it only functions when the container, lid and blade are in their places. Please check if all the parts are in their places.
  • 3. The product may not function if there are food stuck in the blade so please try again after removing food stuck in the blade.
    (If used for over a minute, the product may not function. Please try again after 10 minutes when the machine is cooled.)
Q The ingredients won’t grind.
  • 1. If you have put in too many or too few of the ingredients, they may not grind well so please control the amount of ingredients you put in.
  • 2. If the size of the fruits or vegetables is too big, they may not grind well so please cut them into smaller pieces.
  • 3. Please refrain from putting in iced products or dry and hard vegetables such as carrots or raw beans as much as possible, and if putting them in, please add fluids such as water or milk. 
Q What is the sustained operation period?
  • If holding on to the button, it lasts for about a minute. If you would like to use it for longer, please take a minute break after a minute of operation. Since the product is a portable mini juicer, longer sustained operation period may result in malfunction. The motor may stop if overheated; however, it is not broken down so please try again after waiting for 10 minutes.
Q The grey rubber ring inside the blade came off and it was ground by the blade.
  • There are instances of the rubber packing being damaged by the blade when not put in properly after taking it off and washing it.
Q What kind is the blade?
  • It is our own 3D Angle blade that mixes in diverse angles and cuts things better by forming a spiral pillar up and down. It is stainless steel.
Q Do you not provide spare blades?
  • There is only one blade provided per each unit. It is our own 3D Angle so it is very durable and you will be able to use it for a long time.
Q Can I grind ice?
  • Little cubes of ice in form of small grains are okay but big chunks of ice can damage the blade. The product’s blade is specialized for fruits and vegetables. Please keep this in mind and use with safety.
Q The motor suddenly stopped.
    The product was designed so that it stops functioning automatically when the motor overheats if you have used it for too long. Please use again after waiting for about 10 minutes.
Q The motor rotation slows down or stops during use.
    If you have too many ingredients or if the ingredients are too big, they may get stuck in the blade and it may jam the blade. Please use again after shaking the mixer left and right, and if still not working, please try again after removing the ingredients stuck in the blade. If the rotation slows down, it may be low on battery. Please use again after charging.
Q I smell motor burning.
    The product was designed so that heat can be dispersed through the hole underneath to minimize motor heating. However, sometimes, too many ingredients or prolonged operation can result in overworking of motor therefore giving off burning smell. In this case, please stop usage for 5-10 minutes and try again.
Q How do I wash the blade?
    You can remove the rubber ring in the little hole with a sharp object underneath blade cap which is attached to the blade. Please wash the rubber ring separately and wash the blade separately with flowing water. Be careful not to hurt your hand.
Q It smells after I washed the mixer.
    Please leave your mixer in a well ventilated place so it can be fully dried after washing. If you leave your mixer in wet status for a long time, water may spoil and result in bad smell. All of QOOCA juicer’s parts can be separated so it is much easier to wash.
Q What should I wash it with?
    Please use soft washers or sponges to wash it. Iron scrubbers or abrasives can leave scratches or marks so please be careful
Q Cleaning the container is inconvenient.
    Here’s a simple tip to wash it easily. Pour water up one-third of the empty container and close the lid. Turn on the machine for 20 seconds and remove the water. After that, dry it with a towel and you can clean it very easily.
Q How can I wash the inside of the lid?
    The strength of our juicer is that it is easy to use as they can all come apart. The inside of the lid can also be separated so you can wash it and use it hygienically.
Q How is the warranty after purchase?
    As stated in the warranty regulation of our Certificate of Quality, there is 1 year free warranty. After 1 year, it is provided at a cost.
Q What is the container made out of?
    We selected a safe container which is also used in making baby bottles or water bottles, and we use a BPA-free container which is safe from environmental hormones.
Q Water leaks from the lid.
    The lid is airtight with rubber packing so water does not leak. When closing the lid, please close it tightly from up to down until you hear a ‘tick’ sound. If water still leaks, please call our customer center and we will take care of it as soon as possible.
Q Ingredients keep leaking.
    Ingredients may leak when the blade cap stuck on the blade and the juice container are not attached properly. When attaching the two parts, make sure you fully lock them. Moreover, please check if rubber packing is missing. If things keep leaking afterward, please call our customer center and we will take care of it as soon as possible.
Q The mixer keeps slipping over water. What is the bottom like?
    There is a slip-resistant rubber pad on the bottom for minimum shaking when operating and to prevent slipping. Please make sure that the rubber pad is attached properly.
Q Where are the products made in?
    All our products are made in Korea. All the parts that we use for durability are also from the top business in the field so you can feel safe about using them.
Q Can I charge my cellphone while using the mixer?
    Yes. However, if you use them at the same time, it puts more load on the motor and battery, reducing the lifespan of the machine, so we advise you to use only one at a time.
Q Where can I purchase other accessories?
    There are currently five accessories available for purchase:cold insulation pack, bag, LED light and mini fan, 5pin cable and a larger container. You can purchase all these accessories from all stores or online websites where QOOCA juicer is sold. If you would like information on the stores or the websites, please call our customer center.